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I took my first official art class in grade 11. I'll never forget my teacher, her eccentricity, her complete support of the arts and her relentless support of me. Without her I would have never heard of OCAD or picked up my first old school SLR at my high school's photography club, let alone painted or even thought I could become something as abstract as an artist.  

Fast forward a few years and I was pursuing a BFA with a major in Photography at OCAD University. It was at this very awesome and creative hub house where I began to explore my skills as a photographer. I remember telling my classmates I wanted to become a wedding photographer and I remember being looked at like I was crazy! Saying "wedding photographer" around those hallways was like

saying a dirty word... lol. I continued on to develop my photography skills when I began my internship at The Grid, the former Toronto based news magazine, followed by contract positions at portrait studios within the Toronto area and my own personal projects.

All of these combined have led me to where I am now and the rest is history! I always knew I was creative, a creative in every way, and most certainly a visual story teller. So whatever that story may be, I hope to have the privilege to tell your story!  

So please don't be shy and CALL ME or email me, either one I'm good with! 416.571.8067 | astridmonge@icloud.com

Live, Love & Always Laugh