Mischiel + Michael

Now these guys decided to get married in a winter wonderland! Well better put in an Alderlea Brampton winter wonderland. Mischiel and Michael had a small and intimate ceremony at the Alderlea in Brampton on a Monday afternoon in March, with a small group of only close family and friends.

Together for more than 10 years, they were a lovely couple who were extremely shy in front of the camera. They were uber sweet and I have never met a warmer group of people.  I had never even met Mischiel prior to the wedding as I was referred to her by her future sister in law who’s family photos I do annually, so she felt she didn't need to.

Nevertheless, Mischiel invited me into her and her families home, she made me part of their celebration and demanded that I partake in the feasting they had arranged after their ceremony back in their house that day. Mischiel was so warm and she is so soft spoken and Michael as you will see,  towers above her at least two feet, so he is the perfect strong and silent one. It was an honour and privilege having been invited to their intimate ceremony as their wedding photographer at the Alderlea in Brampton.

I had never been to the Alderlea in Brampton as a Toronto based wedding photographer or for any other event for that matter. I was astounded at how beautiful a venue it is and how lovely the space surrounding it is as well. The houses, the park and town, all have a feeling of one being in a small, intimate and extremely well kept village. A well kept village that is just an hour drive from downtown Toronto, which is usually my stomping ground.

All in all, regardless of the icy temperatures the blizzard like snow fall and the frozen ground Mishciel, Michael and I still managed to snap in a couple of pictures outside! Which I think were completely worth it! Because theres nothing like a little bit of chaos and things going completely off kiter to tell a great story!

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Alderlea Brampton Wedding Ceremony
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Alderlea Wedding
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